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ServerlessMay 15, 2020

How to build an AppSync API using a single table DynamoDB design

A practical guide to building a graphql api with appsync and a single dynamodb table. It includes cute farm animal examples! 🐄 🥺 🔥

By Rich Buggy
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CSSMay 17, 2020

Tailblocks: Ready-to-use Tailwind CSS blocks

60 Beautifuly presented templates to build websites with tailwind css

By Mert Cukuren
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Technical WritingMarch 16, 2020

Want to write great docs? Here are some resources to get you started.

This twitter thread contains everything you need to get started writing great things that help people get stuff done

By Jen Lambourne
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ServerlessApr 11, 2018

How we built a big data platform on AWS for 100 users for under $2 a month

The why of aws athena and how to reduce the cost of querying it further

By Jacob Richter
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ServerlessApr 11, 2018

Cube JS

A complete open source analytics solution: visualization agnostic frontend SDKs and API backed by analytical server infrastructure.

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Soft SkillsJun 19, 2018

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This Team

This talk explores the concept of “safe” teams and how they enable us to build and design software faster

By Trent Willis
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Soft SkillsNov 29, 2017

You're Insufficiently Persuasive

Not being sufficiently persuasive is the largest external source of programmer unhapiness.

By Sandi Metz
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